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    matthew-chapmanMatthew Chapman

    Communications/Outreach Team

    I am dedicated to the cause of MCA because humanity has a long way to go before we can claim to be truly civilized.



    Jenny LoughranJenny Loughran

    Rising global temperatures, the acidification of our oceans, the melting of our ice caps, rising sea-levels, and extreme weather threaten our very existence as a species. Climate change is real and undeniable. Only through collective action can we bring the change necessary to avoid complete catastrophe. By volunteering with Montreal Climate Action, I hope to part of that change by informing the public not only about the dangers of human-induced climate change but also how we can all work together towards a sustainable future.

    kate-luthikKate Luthi

    Outreach team

    I am inspired by the guiding principle held by the leaders of the great Iroquois Nation; that of making decisions, no matter how difficult, always keeping in mind how it will affect its people seven generations into the future.

    My deep fear of what lies ahead if humanity cannot find a way to make the shift away from its dependence on fossil fuels towards a green economy in order to solve the problem of climate change is what fuels my desire to speak out and join forces with others who share my concern and outrage. Together, we have a voice !

    Katherine Nadeau-Noël

    Outreach and translation teams

    I get involved in this project because I am really worried about climate changes and their impacts on our world. I want to be part of the solution and this group gives me a way to do it. I am a young girl’s mother and I want to do all I can to preserve the world where she lives and will live.