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  • Public consultation on reducing our dependency on fossil fuels

    Fossil fuelFollowing the request of a group of citizens using Montreal’s “rigth to initiative”, the city has mandated the Office de Consultation Publique de Montréal (OCPM) to hold an extensive consultation on the reduction of the use of fossil fuel energies in the city and surrounding areas.

    Citizens and organizations are invited to participate by submitting their proposals. Several different means of participating in the process are at the disposal of the public in order that citizens can best express their views: submission of briefs, community activities, an online, interactive platform, and a creative marathon including hack-a-thons and a “Social Start-up Weekend”. This consultation offers an excellent opportunity to bring original and innovative solutions to light.

    The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time.  In order to avoid reaching a tipping point, beyond which the situation risks becoming catastrophic, we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions immediately.  Transportation, urban planning, housing and lifestyle choices are the main sectors targeted by the consultation as being areas where action can most effectively be taken.

    It is vitally important that a critical mass participate in this exercise to help demonstrate the citizen will behind this movement. Climate change threatens us all and we must act now in order to mitigate its impacts. The first step is an online consultation. We can make proposals, vote on others’ proposals and enrich the discussion with our collective intelligence and creativity.  We’ve been given the floor so let’s take advantage of it!

    Start the online consultation.