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  • Electrification of transportation : target 80 / 20


    On June 2th, at 12:15, the Maison du développement durable will present, in partnership with Montreal Climate Action and Coalition Objectif 22, a discussion about the electrification of transportation.

    With the goal of eliminating Quebec’s dependence on fossil fuels, is it possible to electrify at least 80% of the transportation sector within the next 20 years ? Can we start this transition right now ?  What are the best ways to do it ?

    Three experts will discuss whether or not it is realistic to begin such a project in Quebec.  Can the system provide enough electricity to power such a large fleet of vehicles ? Should we replace 4,5 million gasoline-powered cars with electric ones ? What will be the role and the impact of public transportation ?

    Considering that the transportation sector generates 44 % of Quebec’s greenhouse gas emissions, there is an urgent need to provide for a substantial reduction.  Not only is this discussion particularly relevant for Quebec’s situation, it’s interesting to note that it is being held just a few days before the F1 Grand Prix race !

    The panel of experts  will be  :

    • Mme Florence Junca-Adenot, associated teacher at the urban and touristic studies, UQAM
    • M. Sylvain Castonguay, general director of CNTA
    • Mme France Lampron, director, electrification of transportation, Hydro-Québec

    Mme Catherine Kargas, president of Canada Electric Mobility, will moderate the discussion.

    You are cordially invited to attend this event on Tuesday, June 2th, from 12:15 to 1:30, at the Maison du développement durable, 50, Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal (metro Saint-Laurent).

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