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  • Symposium : The role of science in mitigating climatic changes

    On December 14th at Redpath Museum, we held our first symposium.

    This event featured talks by eminent researchers to help demystify the science of climate change and explain global climate trends, including impacts on terrestrial, riparian and marine environments and on human society. The speakers addressed climate policy at the provincial, federal and international levels, with special focus on strategies for concerned citizens to influence these policies. They also talked about the history and future of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the impact that international policy should have on our national policy in Canada.

    If you missed this event or if you want to see again the presentations, here are the video capture:

    Climate Closure: Game over for climate skeptics
    Dr. Shaun Lovejoy Ph.D Physics, McGill University

    Le Québec en 2100 : portrait scientifique des projections de changements climatiques
    Dominique Paquin, Specialist in climate analysis and simulations, OURANOS

    Quebec at the time of oil. On Anticosti Cacouna!
    Dominic Champagne, Director and documentary filmmaker

    Le défi énergétique à l’heure des changements climatiques
    Dr. Normand Mousseau Ph.D Université de Montréal
    University Research Chair Complex Materials, Energy and Natural Resources

    Using science and policy to averting climate catastrophe: The road to UN Climate Summit, Paris 2015
    Dr. Catherine Potvin Ph.D, McGill University
    Canada Research Chair on Climate Change Mitigation and Tropical